A new version of NODHOS GI (import) is available

Nodhos GI (Import Management) is the Import Supply Chain management solution for fashion companies.

Nodhos GI is intended to supplement the ERP and meet strategic supply objectives: anticipation, responsiveness, cost and lead time control.

It is a collaborative working platform for all those involved in import tracking.

The new version is available. It has the following new features:

  • Costing: a module to calculate forecast transport costs based on shipment data entered by freight forwarders. It then enables users to reconcile service provider invoices.
  • Dynamic tracking alerts: a configurable system that generates alerts on tracking dates (transport and documentation).
  • Nodhos GI reporting: a library of dashboards and action lists to optimise operational management of import-related processes.
  • Management module for letters of credit.


Nodhos GI functional coverage