Customer Relationship Management: The ONISEP chooses SEI for its Unique Client Database project

The French National Office for Information on Education and the Professions (ONISEP) is a state-run establishment governed by the Ministry of National Education. A state-run publisher, the ONISEP compiles and distributes information regarding training and professions for students, parents and educational teams. This multi-channel distribution (printed copy, rich media, internet) relies on an information system incorporating the NODHOS ERP, an on-line sales, on-line subscription management and document management software application.

The ONISEP wanted to implement a Unique Client Database (RCU) as a critical foundation for its Customer Relationship Management. With the growing popularity of digital technology, the RCU will guarantee reliable and unique Client data, which will be made available to the IS and professional domains. The ONISEP will therefore improve its ability to meet new user and client expectations.

SEI teams are in the process of finalising the production based on the new Nodhos Client Database management module. The module was designed around a 3-tier infrastructure, the most common and effective Web applications model, and based on a Full-Oracle software layer to allow a better synergy of the Database and Application Framework layers. It will be based on the last Oracle database, Oracle 12c, and developed using Jdeveloper 12c/ADF technology, the new generation of “Full Java rich client“.

Production of the project will begin in the second half of 2016, rendering client information available to the ONISEP Sales and Marketing departments.