DEVANLAY LACOSTE optimises its consolidated purchasing plan with OPTIMATE

As part of its strategy to consolidate purchases, Devanlay Lacoste chose the Optimate Supply solution, which has been in operation since last December.

The purchasing teams at Devanlay Lacoste can now consolidate global demand forecasting (for Europe, the Americas and Asia) in Optimate Supply, which then generates an optimised purchasing plan taking all supplier constraints into account.

Optimate Supply enables them to anticipate requirements, increase their visibility on purchases for the entire season and shorten the supply process.

Major functional changes have been made to the software for this project:

  • Consideration of additional supplier constraints: minimum materials, holidays and capacities
  • A DRP (Distribution Requirement Planning) sub-model with the aim of defining quantities to be supplied based on the demand forecast by Optimate Forcol, taking into account resources at local, intermediate and regional warehouses.