MSF Logistique entrusts SEI with its “Order Area” portal application management

The logistics service of Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) in Mérignac, which adjoins Bordeaux international airport, is one of the largest humanitarian aid centres in the world.

MSF Logistique manages the supply, packaging, storage and shipment of equipment and medicines to the main areas to which the MSF and other international NGOs provide aid.

MSF Logistique designed an “Order Area” portal to ensure smooth running of the order process between field and supply centre and to coordinate the work of those concerned by an order. This portal uses the following software components: Framework Zend, BDD PostgreSQL, PHP.

The latest portal deployment doubled the number of users and orders. The increasing number of user requests and the complexity due to the diversity of people involved (internal clients or partners) require more effective coordination between the Centre and international users.

In terms of the “Order Area” portal, this activity development also creates a necessity for better support. SEI-LKS Group, which provides TPM services (third-party maintenance), has also expanded its team.
Its sound TMP experience, long-standing shared and professional expertise (notably through the NODHOS ERP) made SEI-LKS Group the “perfect” partner.