New version of Nodhos CQ up and running at CAMAÏEU

Camaïeu is now using the new Nodhos CQ (Quality Control) module which is more comprehensive and easier to use.

It supports more controls, including Quality Control at source (by quality service providers assigned to carry out inspections on materials and finished products): in factories, laboratories and on platforms.

Quality managers communicate with their service providers via the extranet portal dedicated to upstream partners: providing inspection reports, requesting new inspections, etc.

It also provides a ratings system for suppliers (product family). For the purchasing department, there is a twofold benefit: it helps in choosing the supplier and it’s a negotiation medium.

Numerous remote operations at source that enable Camaïeu to:

  • shorten supply lead times,
  • increase responsiveness in cases of non-compliance,
  • increase the productivity of the quality department.