OPTIMATE has a new international reference: FOX HEAD

The Fox brand is the most recognized and best-selling brand of motocross apparel in the world today: technical equipment and clothing collections.
Its global headquarters is in California and its European one is in Barcelona.

FOX HEAD Europe wants to improve the reliability of its sales forecasts. Aware of the limits and risks of working without a specialist tool, the Planning Team decided to buy a professional software specialising in the fashion world (textile items, shoes, accessories, etc.): seasonality of sales, fashion effects, distribution of size unit forecasts, etc.
As a software solution exclusively designed for the fashion industry, OPTIMATE was the natural choice.

To fully optimise its planning process, FOX HEAD not only decided to implement the OPTIMATE FORCOL module, dedicated to wholesale sales forecasts, it also decided to roll out the OPTIMATE SUPPLY, module used to generate an optimised purchasing plan.

The project was overseen by the company’s European subsidiary. The American headquarters could soon roll-out the OPTIMATE software package. Watch this space.