PALL EXEKIA production quality monitoring project

Pall Exekia chose SEI as a partner to carry out its SIP project.

Pall Exekia is part of the Pall Corporation Group, a world leader on the filtration market, and has a site in Bazet in the Hautes Pyrénées area of France.

Its ever-increasing expertise is put to good use on high-purity technical ceramics. It focuses on manufacturing ceramic membranes and filtration modules for use in high-tech medical, food-processing and industrial applications.

Outline of the SIP (production information system) project

The SIP project involves implementing a project to monitor production quality ; the IT program will help to efficiently manage important parameters, internal and supplier products traceability and production equipment. It will be possible to look for potential causes of manufacturing anomalies using IT. The programme will also provide computer-based assistance for managing production.

In comparison with applications previously used by Pall Exekia, two important breakthroughs have been made:

  • The design phase allowed a working group comprising Pall Exekia manufacturing process experts and SEI consultants to develop an integrated, well-designed and up-to-date application.
  • The technologically advanced SIP application will be implemented around a basic application kernel built by SEI using ADF (Oracle) technology. The human-machine interface (HMI) and the kernel’s user-friendliness were established with the ultimate aim of achieving the required efficiency, productivity and flexibility.
  • The project is being finalised and Pall Exekia‘s strategic aims are as follows:
    • increase productivity in quality monitoring,
    • improve control of manufacturing parameters,
    • and ultimately, improve product quality.


Pall Exekia - suivi qualité de production