SEDIF entrusts SEI with its business intelligence system TPM

The Syndicat des Eaux d’Ile de France (SEDIF) supplies drinking water to more than 4 million people in 142 cities, towns and villages across 7 areas in and around Paris – It is the largest public water service in France.

SEDIF implemented an IT data warehouse with the aim of centralising the control and analysis data used in the management of the public water service. This data warehouse provides SEDIF agents with a set of decisional dashboards that can be used to:

  • monitor and check changes in performance indicators in the public service delegation contract,
  • monitor and analyse changes in key data on the management of the public water service (assets, financial and logistical data),
  • monitor and analyse changes in data concerning water quality, volumes produced and volumes distributed.

This data warehouse is important as it helps monitor the service provider’s activity and ensure that the 34 contractual commitments and 230 performance indicators are met.

The solution, which is based on an Oracle database, was developed from Oracle ODI (Oracle Data Integrator) software packages for the integration of data and OBI (Oracle Business Intelligence) for the presentation of information.

SEDIF entrusted SEI to carry out corrective and upgrade maintenance on the data warehouse due to its expertise in Oracle technologies.