SEI implements its new CMS module at FBD, integrated within the NODHOS client portal

The name CMS, Content Management System, evokes a software used to create and publish documents on line.

Recently created by SEI, Nodhos CMS was incorporated within the Nodhos Client Portal.
This new tool allows you to:
• enrich the content of the client portal by developing existing pages
• generate new pages using predefined templates
• integrate information produced by Nodhos in the different pages, relying on configurable APIs (programming interfaces).

Nodhos CMS was deployed within the FBD Group (Franchise Business Division) , the European franchise leader in the fitted kitchen market.
FBD runs 243 shops in France, under the brands Cuisine Plus, Ixina and Cuisines Références.
The group therefore operates, as a franchise or master franchise and under the brands Cuisine Plus and Ixina, 118 points of sale abroad, notably in Belgium, the Maghreb countries and in the Middle East.
The FBD Group turned over nearly 500 million Euros in 2015.

The teams responsible for distributing promotional and communication media and objects at FBD (to nearly 400 shops), are now able to:
• configure the different images and links associated with the home page display
• communicate about a new item or an item to be withdrawn from stock

Nodhos CMS transforms the Client Portal into a valuable tool enabling communication with franchises.