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Open Source Technologies


Create ad-hoc projects and use Open Source technologies

Creating B2C customer portals

SEI and its parent company, LKS Group, propose integrating open source solutions in order to create B2C customer portals (for the general public).

To design web sites with specific presentation requirements, software architectures must be thin and highly flexible.

SEI – LKS Group software engineers chose OSS parts that are recommended for these contexts:

  • Presentation layer: HTML + JQuery
  • Framework: Spring MVC
  • Data persistence layer: Spring JDBC Templates/Hibernate

Illustration réalisation de portails clients

Illustration applications de gestion

Building powerful management applications in JAVA

To create management applications in Open Source Java technology around your ERP or B2B sites (customer/supplier extranets), one of the key points is to find a compromise between development productivity and suitable interaction capabilities (interface/HMI).

SEI – LKS Group chose frameworks based on parts supported by integrated development environments:

  • Presentation layer: JSF (JBoss RichFaces/Primefaces)
  • Framework: JBoss SEAM
  • Data persistence layer: JPA/Hibernate

Integrating your data capture systems in your IS

M2M (Machine-To-Machine) systems are an ideal solution to design and create data capture and integration systems between low-level devices and your Information System.

Our teams use Java technologies with low-level libraries dependent on various contexts, to design reliable and robust applications.

The following are some of the solutions used in projects carried out by SEI – LKS Group teams:

  • Apache Mina/JBoss Netty (asynchronous I/O)
  • Apache ActiveMQ (message queue broker)
  • Apache CXF (services framework)
  • Quartz Scheduler
  • Micro-Servers (windstone servlets)
  • RFID

Illustration Machine to Machine (M2M)

Illustration applications mobiles

Tablets & Smartphones: making your business processes more mobile

Would you like to transform your company and ensure that your customers, partners or employees have their mobility requirements met? Would you like to speed up your processes as well as improve them?

Mobile applications provide the answer to your questions. They will help you:

  • Improve the efficiency of your business processes
  • Make decisions by reducing delays
  • Entice your customers with attractive applications
  • Make your employees more efficient

SEI – LKS Group are developing applications for mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) in offline/online environments, using the Android SDK framework or hybrid applications based on HTML5.

Creating portals and managing content with the Open Source CMS LIFERAY

Since 2007, SEI – LKS Group have been integrating Liferay, an Open Source CMS solution. With more than 25 implementations successfully carried out, we rely on our experienced and Liferay-certified team. Find out more about a Liferay business case handled by our teams:

Illustration Liferay

Illustration infrastructures open source

Integrate your Open Source infrastructure in your IS

Deploy your Open Source technology projects with SEI – LKS Group on various types of support infrastructure, such as Tomcat and JBoss AS application servers or database engines such as MySQL or PostgreSQL.

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