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Project Engineering


Software Integration – Customised Application Development
Portals and Extranets – Technological Migrations – etc.

Our business experts at your service

SEI has all the skills and knowledge profiles needed to carry out engineering projects on Information Systems:

  • System engineers and database administrators to define and implement technical infrastructure
  • Operational experts, Project Directors, Project Managers, development teams for the design, build and implementation of applications
  • Continuous post-startup support through the SAUnet maintenance portal
  • Proven project methodology with ISO 9001 certification

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Our software solutions

SEI integrates its own software packages.
>> Nodhos and Optimate ranges.

  • Nodhos is an ERP solution that focuses on the company’s operational processes.
    SEI also offers a business verticalisation of Nodhos for distribution and fashion.
  • Optimate is a Supply Chain Planning solution for those involved in the fashion industry.

Customised development and solutions

Are you looking for a service provider to develop your specific industry solutions?

SEI supports its customers in building specific management solutions such as:

  • animal production planning for Maïsadour
  • monitoring production quality for PALL SA
  • alert management for SDIS 33 (Fire and Rescue service for the Gironde area)
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Collaborative B2B Portals & Extranets

SEI has developed extranet portals for various sectors to manage customers relations, suppliers relations and collaborative B2B solutions.

In particular, the teams at SEI have carried out the following projects:

  • Turbomeca: customer portal and supplier portal
  • Quiksilver Europe: B2B customer extranet portal

Some of our clients

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