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Benefit from SEI’s experience and receive our support in maintaining your applications

Why should you use a TPM service provider?

A colleague is unavailable and a partner has let you down. You want to outsource maintenance, but you need the following questions answered:

  • What solution should you use to pick up the slack?
  • How do you go about doing so?
  • Which solutions should you implement gradually?
  • How should you monitor maintenance?

SEI is regularly asked to carry out corrective and upgrade maintenance on applications built by a third party. Using this experience, we have accumulated methods to tackle these questions in a successful and optimised way.

Illustration TMA

Illustration TMA

Why should you entrust SEI with a TPM service?

The TPM services that our teams provide ensure the sustainability and performance of your Information System. Every day, SEI supports industrial and commercial companies in the following objectives:

  • Ensuring good continuity of service
  • Optimising Quality – Costs– Times
  • Measuring satisfaction levels/monitoring indicators
  • Managing, measuring and adapting your TPM over time

Stages and roadmap for your TPM projects

SEI proposes to implement your TPM in stages, having drawn up a roadmap with you.

A TPM service is implemented in stages detailed below:

  • Preliminary coordination phase
  • Establishing collaboration methods

With your help, a roadmap defining the following is drawn up:

  • Each party’s responsibilities
  • Means of communication
  • Services to be covered
  • Indicators to be monitored
  • How maintenance work will be organised
  • Supervisory structures
Illustration TMA

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