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Management of downstream flows

NodhosTA - downstream flows

A solution to manage and optimise downstream flows for shop networks

Nodhos TA processes flows of both marketed and non-marketed goods.

The various types of flow that Nodhos TA (Transport Aval) manages are shown in the diagram below:


Illustration Nodhos TA english - downstream flows


Nodhos TA enables you to meet the following objectives for your downstream flows:

  • Optimise transport flows in terms of time, integrity and cost
  • Reduce volume of data-entry: key people in the process provide information directly on the Extranet portal.
  • Know in real time the status of disputes: get a clearer view of stock
  • Have a single tool to handle all shipments


The main functions covered by Nodhos TA:

  • Shipment tracking
  • Delays and disputes management
  • Management of discounts depending on product quality and turnover
  • Haulage service management
  • Pre-invoicing management
  • Cost simulation

Nodhos TA also provides:

  • An extranet portal enabling those involved in the process to share key information in real time
  • An integrated operational requester
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