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NODHOS, the ERP of retail distribution networks

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Nodhos is a modular software package solution that’s dedicated to chain store distribution networks for all sectors of activity. SEI also offers a fashion industry verticalisation of its software package via the Nodhos DTS solution that is geared towards retail brands for the sector.

For distribution, the ERP’s objectives are as follows:

  • Make your upstream Supply Chain more reliable
  • Improve collaboration with your partners
  • Receive effective international support
  • Optimise distribution management

The various modules of this software package can be implemented independently over a limited operational scope or as part of an overall project to revamp the Information System.


Nodhos, a solution that’s dedicated to central purchasing unit operations

This software package positions itself at the heart of your operations to manage your central purchasing unit. Its objective is to optimise the Upstream Supply Chain and distribution.

Nodhos functional coverage


Nodhos is a solution that provides integral and in-depth functional coverage of business processes. It also incorporates partners in the processes (service providers, suppliers, customers) through its extranet portals:

  • Upstream extranet portal for suppliers
  • Downstream extranet portal for shops/customers
  • Portals for carriers and logistical service providers


Independent modules with rich features

The following modules may be deployed autonomously in your Information System and may create high added value.

  • Management of import flows – Nodhos GI
  • Management of non-market flows – Nodhos ANM
  • Management of downstream transport – Nodhos TA
  • Co-contracting/sub-contracting management – Nodhos GF
  • Quality Control – Nodhos CQ
  • Universal invoicing – Nodhos FU

SEI offers a business verticalisation for fashion industry of its ERP with the Nodhos DTS solution.

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