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Streamline the processing of non-market purchases with NODHOS ANM

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Nodhos ANM is an integrated solution for managing non-market purchases for chain store distribution networks. This software package supports all processes linked to these purchases meaning that the associated flows are centrally managed in an optimised way.


A comprehensive packaged solution to manage non-market purchases

Nodhos ANM functional coverage

Nodhos ANM covers all processes linked with non-market purchases:

  • Creating electronic catalogues published on an extranet. These catalogues enable shops to register their purchase requests, track the progress of their orders and confirm receipt.
  • Administrative management of these orders at central unit level (confirmation of availability, delivery and invoicing to the shop)
  • Purchase management (threshold re-supplying for stocked products, transforming a purchase request into a supplier order for non-stocked products, checking purchase invoices)
  • Import management module for purchases abroad, enabling comprehensive management of supply at source (Import Plans, management of Incoterms, tracking, Extranet access for suppliers and freight forwarders)
  • Logistics for non-market products: receipt and put away, dynamic storage management, picking and shipping, processing of operations via Radio Frequency Terminals and bar codes.


Nodhos ANM, features that are suited to various types of non-market purchases

  • For supplies and consumables: Nodhos Self-Service, the extranet for shops to order their supplies on an e-catalogue
  • For point-of-sale displays: multi-shop push strategy and assignment for marketing operations, campaigns, plans. Nodhos ANM enables users to apply a POS assignment algorithm to shops based on adjustable criteria.
  • For shop makeovers, purchases managed in push mode
  • For the opening of new shops: Nodhos ANM enables users to automatically generate supplier orders or stock reservations from quotes for the displays and furnishings that were chosen for the point of sale.

Nodhos ANM manages various delivery flows: direct deliveries, cross-docking and in stock deliveries.

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