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At the heart of your central purchasing unit operations

Nodhos DTS
Nodhos DTS is a software package aimed at managing the “core business” processes within central purchasing units of companies in the Fashion and Fashion Retail industry.
It incorporates several modules that can be implemented separately or progressively which together make up a fully integrated and seamless solution.


Its modularity provides a high level of flexibility in implementation

There are two implementation approaches depending on your central purchasing unit requirements:

  • ERP project
    > Fully integrated solution with deployment of modules to cover the target scope
  • Project for an operational area
    > Implementation by business application module to complement your existing Information System
    Example: You are looking for a solution to manage your import flows – the “Pilotage import & Supply Chain Amont” module (Import and Upstream Supply Chain Management) can be integrated with your ERP.


Functional coverage Nodhos DTS


Nodhos DTS is:

  • a multi-channel solution: shops, e-commerce, distance selling, distributors
  • a cross-channel solution
  • a solution handling multiple product types
  • a solution handling multiple brands
  • a solution handling multiple central purchasing units
  • an international solution: multiple currencies, multiple languages


Modules with high business added value which can be deployed autonomously for your central purchasing units:

  • Management of import flows – Nodhos GI
  • Management of non-market flows – Nodhos ANM
  • Management of downstream transport – Nodhos TA
  • Co-contracting/sub-contracting management – Nodhos GF
  • Quality Control – Nodhos CQ
  • Universal invoicing – Nodhos FU

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