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Co-contracting & sub-contracting

Nodhos GF logistique co-traitance et façon

The constant renewal of collections requires you to reduce your supply lead times.
To do so, you need to use geographically closer suppliers.
These co- or sub-contracting suppliers are limited to actual manufacturing and require you to manage the logistics for materials and parts (co- and sub-contracting logistics) needed to manufacture your products.

Nodhos GF enables you to respond to the following issues:

  • Limiting end-of-season fabric stock
    To do so, Nodhos GF looks to reduce:
    – Unused fabric stock
    – Roll cuts
  • Reducing supply lead times
    To do so, Nodhos GF promotes communication and responsiveness:
    – Between departments: purchasing, transport, customs, warehouse
    – With suppliers (via the extranet)
    – With freight forwarders (via the extranet)
  • Having real-time knowledge of supplies and fabric stocks
    To do so, Nodhos GF enables you to:
    – Monitor fabric stock by roll or metre (depending on setting)
    – Itemise stock parts by status (undergoing checks, being transferred, being manufactured, etc.)
    – Trace the entire logistics chain for parts
  • Adding value to finished products
    To do so, Nodhos GF takes into account:
    – The customs procedure (outward processing)
    – Supply costs for parts (transport, Quality Control, etc.)
    – Costs related to the finished products (transport, agents, Quality Control, etc.)


Nodhos GF has 4 modules that can be separately implemented:

Nodhos GF functional coverage

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