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Optimate For Retail


Retail Planning – Sales and buying budgets definition
Distribution planning – Shops replenishment

Planning, budget framework and collection headlines

Optimate Planning is dedicated to Retail merchandise planning and its operational scope covers all the requirements in retail planning, from making the sales and buying plans to creating the collection structure definition. The objective is to create a balanced collection (forms, materials, colours, etc.) and to view past and future commitments based on set objectives.

  • Market concepts (e.g.: France, Europe, USA, etc.) & groups of shops
  • Assortment planning
  • Collection structure definition and budget framework
  • Comparison between actual progress and forecasts (at family/sub-family and zone/period level)
  • Sales budget: at brand/shop level and by period (day, week, month)
  • Takes into consideration public holidays and shops in the sales plan
  • Detailed, consolidated buying budget
  • Open to buy


Illustration Optimate Planning Retail Planning

Illustration OFR Supply Retail Planning

Supply, buying the right product at the right time

Optimate Supply’s objective is to manage the upstream supply of products (from the suppliers to the warehouse) by making a plan to optimise the timing of orders. For each product, the best possible timing of orders is determined based on supplier constraints (minimum orders, lead times, etc.) and forecast sales calculated using the product’s life cycle. Objective: never be out of stock, and never have stock surpluses in the warehouse.

  • Recommendations for optimised timing of purchase orders
  • Calculations of product life cycles
  • Multi-sourcing management
  • A “table of commitments”
  • Recommendations for replenishment orders
  • Mid-season correction of products’ expected life cycles based on actual sales


Pricing, managing one-off and yearly discounts

Optimate For Retail’s Pricing module allows users to offer discounts during a one-off promotional period or during the yearly sales. The objective is to maximise profit margin whilst ensuring that stock is used up during these periods.

  • Depending on stock and sales in the last few weeks, forecast stock is recommended (start of operations)
  • Successive markdown rates are recommended for all products before the start of the season
  • Recommendations are reassessed during the season depending on sales in order to maximise profit margin and use up the stock
Illustration OFR Pricing

Illustration produit OFR reorder

Reorder, réapprovisionner le réseau de boutiques

Optimate Reorder’s aim is to ensure a network of shops is consistently supplied from one or more central storage units by distributing stock so the right item is in the right place at the right time.

Objective: Maximise turnover and margin!

Optimate Reorder offers two ways to supply points of sale:

  • Push mode, which can be used to consistently supply a network of shops following the assortment plan and expected commercial activity,
  • and pull mode, which can be used to distribute stock in line with the shop’s requirements.


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