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Budget framework and collection headlines

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Up against long supply lead times, those involved in the fashion industry are obliged to make sales budget and create the collection well before the start of the selling season. To produce the right supply, those involved in the industry need to have increased visibility on the progress of their plans, help with the budget framework and collaborative solutions which facilitate teamwork.

Optimate Planning enables users to create the collection and its budget framework. Optimate Planning‘s scope ranges from creating the sales budget at the beginning to creating the collection structure definition at the end. The information is then sent to Optimate Supply, a module dedicated to central warehouse purchase planning.


Optimate Fore Retail functional coverage


Sales budget and Buying budget

Optimate Planning supports users in creating two main steps for a collection: the sales budget and the buying budget.

The sales budget gives detailed information by shop, up to the brand level.

The buying budget is defined at family/sub-family level, allowing the product manager to set a balance between buying, sale price and quantity. This means that the margin with the sales budget can be optimised.

Optimate Planning key features:

  • Calendar management: takes into account the impact of public holidays using a percentage increase or decrease in sales depending on the period (holidays taking place on a Saturday vs Sunday, for example)
  • Consideration of shop-specific information: opening dates, growth potential, etc.
  • Assignment concept for a similar shop when a new shop opens
  • Version management, enabling the user to compare various scenarios
  • Open to buy: concept of the coefficient of stock release for a purchase budget per week requiring purchases to be timed according to changes in forecast sales and actual stock


Budget Framework and Collection Headlines

Objective: to create a balanced and effective collection and monitor its creation from the design phase through to the end of its life cycle.

Optimate Planning key features:

  • Assortment planning
  • Planned order entry
  • Budget framework: set turnover goals, quantities, number of references/colours
  • Framework is budgeted and forecast on turnover, margin rate and amount, sales volumes and monetary value of sales
  • Comparison between actual progress and forecast progress (budget)
  • Analysis of results via reporting dashboards

Creating collection structure definition is a preliminary step towards creating an optimised supply plan.

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