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Forecasts for wholesale and retail distribution – Optimisation of buying plan
Supplying the network of shops

Forcol, Demand Planning for wholesale distribution

Optimate Forcol is a merchandise planning solution for wholesale distribution of fashion brands. It is an integral part of the company’s S&OP (Sales & Operations Planning) process.

Forcol is a specialised software package for the fashion industry and makes weekly sales forecasts at SKU level for the entire season. These forecasts are derived by extrapolating the order book and looking at the sales history.

  • Permanent and seasonal products
  • Help with entering predictions
  • Statistical forecasts based on proven algorithms
  • Consideration of differences in export sizes
  • SKU size unit forecasts
  • Statistical cancellations of orders, lost/new clients
  • Forecasts for the e-commerce channel

With sales cycles sometimes spanning several weeks/months and purchases made far in advance, brands have a clear view of the end-of-season forecast as soon as sales begin, allowing them to adapt their marketing strategy.


Illustration Optimate Forcol Demand planning

Illustration Optimate Retail Demand planning

Retail, planning and forecasting sales for shops

Optimate Retail is a module dedicated to brands’ retail planning. Its operational scope covers planning issues, as well as those to do with creating the collection and in-shop implementation:

  • Making the sales budget prior to the creation stage
  • Considering the e-commerce channel as a shop
  • In-shop implementation at family and sub-family level
  • Calculating predictions then statistical forecasts of sales at SKU level
  • Anticipating future surpluses and shortages during the season

Optimate Retail supports the user in building the season and collection at shop and SKU level using a clear and methodical process.


Supply, optimising the purchasing strategy

Optimate Supply is based on the fact that: 15% of SKUs generate 50% of the turnover. It is therefore crucial that the brand optimises its purchases on the right references and on the right sizes.

Optimate Supply enables users to simulate various purchasing strategies using the optimisation dashboard. This decision-making support feature allows users to control strategic data to ensure a successful season:

  • An estimation of the final quality of service
  • An estimation of final stock
  • An estimation of gross margin

Optimate Supply key features:

  • Take supplier constraints into account (holidays, Minimum Order Quantities, capacities, etc.)
  • Time purchase order proposals
  • Simulate various purchasing strategies


Illustration Optimate Supply

Illustration produit Optimate reorder

Reorder, supplying the network of shops

Optimate Reorder‘s aim is to ensure a network of shops is consistently supplied from one or more central storage units by distributing stock so the right item is in the right place at the right time.

Objective: Maximise turnover and margin!

Optimate Reorder offers two ways to supply points of sale:

  • push mode, which can be used to consistently supply a network of shops following the assortment plan (set up dates and shop groups) and expected commercial activity,
  • and pull mode, which can be used to distribute stock in line with the shop’s requirements.


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