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Forecasting and planning customers demand

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When we ask our clients to share their feedback on Optimate, they all have the same positive things to say.

Optimate has enabled its users to:

  • streamline their forecasting process
  • improve their performance in terms of fill rate and stocks
  • facilitate teamwork between various departments involved in the forecasting process

Optimate, the first Supply Chain Planning solution dedicated to the distribution of fashion products: apparel, shoes, lingerie, accessories, household goods, etc.

Optimate observes the past to statistically forecast the future. With sales cycles sometimes spanning several weeks/months and purchases made ever sooner, our client brands have a clear view of the end-of-season forecast as soon as sales begin. This allows the sales and marketing teams to adapt their strategy. The company is responsive, increases its market knowledge and is closer to client demand in terms of stock quantity and quality.

Optimate, sales forecasts for fashion brands

Optimate functional coverage


Optimate Forcol, forecasting wholesale client demand

  • Market segmentation, facilitating analysis tasks and control of each segment
  • Consideration of each market’s particular features: sizes, colours, consumer habits
  • Incorporating fashion trends by taking into account current season orders (extrapolation of incoming orders)
  • Forecast by size distribution (SKU) based on the sale history analysis at size level
  • Prediction entry support
  • Consideration of the particular features of permanent/seasonal products
  • Ease of use, with a proven work methodology supplied
  • Creation of forecasts following a “top-down” methodology: at segment, product (style-colour), and size (SKU) level
  • Anticipating cancellations, lost/new clients
  • Progress monitoring in comparison to the previous season
  • Report & follow KPI of Supply Chain


Optimate Retail, creating the sales budget for your retail network

Optimate Retail offers a very different approach from the Forcol module (which is dedicated to wholesale channels). Optimate Retail defines the seasonal sales budget by shop and supports users in their strategy to implement products in shops. Again, Optimate observes the past to forecast the future and optimise the season’s potential.

  • Calculate and view products’ seasonality and life cycles
  • Build the strategy for implementing products in shops (sub-family level)
  • Creating sales budget /shop /product family & /sub-family product
  • Select products to introduce by shop and by sales period
  • Create shop orders (product and SKU size level)
  • Take promotional and sales periods into account
  • Calculate shops sales forecasts (retail demand planning)
  • Anticipate surpluses and shortages in your shop network

One of the purposes of calculating demand forecasts is to better understand market demand so that suitable supply decisions can be taken in time.

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