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Supplying and replenishing the network of shops

Optimate Reorder


Optimate Reorder is one of the modules within the Optimate software package. Its aim is ensure a point of sale network is consistently supplied from one or more central storage units by distributing stock so the right item is in the right place at the right time.

The aim is to optimise turnover and margin potential.


Optimate Reorder, supplying a network of shops


Optimate Reorder in the IS


Optimate Reorder offers two ways to manage the points of sale replenishing:

  • push mode, which can be used to consistently supply a network of shops following the assortment plan (set up dates and shop groups) and expected commercial activity,
  • and pull mode, which can be used to distribute stock in line with the shop’s requirements. Product rotation takes precedent over filling. Optimate analyses the sales history of the shop in order to define its requirements.


Strengths of the Optimate Reorder module

  • Guarantees the shop has a minimum number of products in various sizes for a period of time defined by the supplier
  • Calculates an optimal stock (need) for the shop according to size, the shop’s targeted rotation, the seasonality of products and sales & marketing events
  • Corrects the need in order to limit the amount of stock (reference/colour/size) with 6 levels of management (anticipation feature)
  • Blocks supply in style/colour or style/colour/size on 3 levels: shop, group of shops or all shops
  • 2 models for managing shortages: 1 item per shop in need or replenishment by shop size (in terms of turnover)
  • Simulate the impact of changing the replenishment parameters
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