Study / The 5 challenges of SC who impact on industry and retail

Deloitte consulting services carried out a worldwide study of more efficient companies on Supply Chain. Objective? Identify the key factors of success. Following the conclusions, 79% of organisations who have an efficient Supply Chain produce an increase of their turn-over higher than the average of their sector.

Deloitte asked questions to 421 decision-makers of industrials and retail companies with a turn-over higher than 100 millions of $. This study identified 5 main issues who will impact those sectors which include:

  • More strategic responsabilities for Supply Chain ressources: 56% of leaders on Supply Chain management have a representative in the Executive Committee against only 33% for companies with less performances.
  • Impact of Supply Chain segmentation to offer a best customers service. Following this study, segmentation allows to take more relevant decisions, specialy on sourcing strategy for 83% of Supply Chain leaders. This segmentation also applies to products, markets or distribution channels.


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Etude Deloitte Supply Chain


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This study emphasizes the main issues to retail industries to win control and understanding of their Supply Chain, starting by planification steps. If you want to improve your efficiency on your Supply Chain, let’s see which solutions we propose.